Frequently Asked Questions

send us an email to with an official price inquiry with details about your order- see our products– and specification such as quantity, destination port, with your official contact details such as phone, fax, email, location, etc.. and we will send you back the price quotation letters with the commercial terms.

Depending on destination port and flexible shipping schedules, the order can take from 15 days and up to 38 days to arrive destination port.

high-quality products of frozen chicken, we do slaughter the chicken only after you send us your official purchase order and the payment.
slaughtering the chicken its take 4 days from the farm to the slaughterhouse.

we don’t keep our taiba chicken production in the store, it will be directly freshly-frozen and chipped it, and we will freight it directly to arrive at your destination with a very good condition. 
read more about how we manage that 

Payment stage:

The buyer goes to the seller representative lawyer office in the concerned country

To finalize the payment procedures as mentioned in the seller quotation.

simply send us the signed and stamped letter of intent (LOI) for the goods it intends to buy from taiba chicken and we will send you back  official quotation and commercial terms contact us now